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How To Fall Asleep When Not Tired?

Did you ever feel that you are not sleepy at all? It must have happened to you some time or the other that you are just lying down on the bed and staring at the ceiling of your room. It is a problem for those who have to go to work in the morning and are not able to catch even a few hours of sleep. For them, it is very necessary to know how to fall asleep when not tired? As it may be a sure shot cause of insomnia. If you do not sleep for around 6 to 7 hours in a day, there are chances that you might turn  into an insomniac, soon. First, let’s discuss the symptoms of insomnia.

How To Fall Asleep When Not Tired


Insomnia is basically defined as the inability to fall asleep. It may lead to severe health issues. Its symptoms are as follows:

  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Daytime Sleepiness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Waking up frequently during the night time
  • Waking up too early in the morning

There are two types of insomnia. One is acute and lasts for one or several nights. Another one is chronic and it lasts for months or even years. Mostly chronic one is found in the Americans and that too, particularly in women.

Inability to sleep can also be caused by chronic pain, depression, stress and medications. Most of the insomnia happens due to scheduling issues, psychological issues, behavioral factors like poor bedtime routines and watching television before the bed and relationship conflicts. These are some major reasons.

If you are not able to sleep, try to trick yourself. Follow these ideas given by some renowned Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists, to get rid of sleepless nights.

  • Reverse Psychology:

You must have heard about reverse psychology. Try to play this psychological game with your mind. Challenge yourself to stay awake and your mind will definitely fight back and revolt. It is known as the sleep paradox. A Psychotherapist Julie Hirst explained that you can command your brain to stay awake and keep your eyes open. As it is a proven fact that your brain does not process negatives quite well, so repeat it to yourself that “I will not sleep”. By doing this, your brain will take the instruction in a positive way and your eye muscles will start getting tired quickly. You will fall asleep in just a matter of time.

  • Visualize:

Psychotherapists say that your visualization meditation works best when you use at least three senses. Sammy explains it in detail. She says, try to imagine yourself at that place where you feel comfortable and great. It can be a sailing on calm waters, a tropical paradise or even walking in the flower fields. Whatever works best for you, try imagining that scenario. As soon as you start picturing or exploring your happy place, you will start feeling relaxed and will fall asleep on a good note.

  • Roll your eyes:

Most of the psychotherapists stated that rolling your eyeballs by gently closing your eyes can do a great job. A psychotherapist said that it helps in controlling your sleepy hormone, that is melatonin. So, try this technique and fall asleep without getting tensed.

  • Yoga Meditation:

Everyone is aware of the power of yoga. Yoga meditation generates a universal sense of calmness. Dr. Chris Idzikowski, Director of Edinburgh Sleep Centre says, that breathe in a way that you are able to hum. Make sure you breathe out of your mouth and lips together. Do not forget to notice the vibrations of your chest while doing this technique. Try to focus these vibrations for at least six breaths. After that sit quietly for some time. By doing this, you will feel tired. Say to yourself that you are ready to sleep and get up slowly. Go to your bed and experience the magic of yoga meditation.

  • Make A List:

It is very important for you to forget all the worries of a day, so that you will get a sound sleep. If you keep on worrying about everything, you will become insomniac. Sharon Stiles, a hypnotherapist says that it happens that most of the times you feel frightened of forgetting the things, you have to do on the next day. So, before going to the bed, make sure you list down your next day’s tasks. You can also pen down your imaginations on a paper, so that it will not disturb your sleep. By doing this, you will sleep comfortably without worrying about anything and will surely get a sound sleep.

  • Rewind It:

It is a proven fact that if you try to remember your daily routine in a reverse order. It is likely to clear your mind from the worries. Sammy says that by recalling sights, conversations and even sounds will help you to reach a certain mental state. It makes your mind ready for a nap by tiring it.

  • Psychological Fact:

It is a proven psychological fact that some points in your body promote sleep when you press them gently. Dr. Idzikowski has explained some techniques to do so. He says that there is a point between your eyebrows and at the top of your nose. Try to put your thumb on that point. Keep it like that for at least 20 seconds and then release it for a short time. Make sure you repeat this technique twice or even more.

A next technique he has given is by putting your right foot across your left knee and sitting on the edge of your bed. By doing this, you will find a slight shift between your second toe and the big toe. Press it, in the same way.

The last and the final technique he gave is kind of similar to the second one, as it is also supported on the right foot. In this, you have to find the point just below your nail, which will be located on the upper side of the second toe. Gently press the toe by using your right hand forefinger and the thumb.

As suggested by the Dr. Idzikowski, these techniques may help you in some or the other way for a proper sleep.

  • Caffeine:

We all are aware of this fact that caffeine helps in keeping you awake. Try to limit your caffeine, even if you are tired of poor night’s sleep. Drinking a coffee can make it harder for you and may create a vicious cycle. Do not take too many cups of coffee during the daytime, otherwise the effect of it will not go till your bedtime and you will get a sleepless night again.

If you are really fed up of sleepless nights and want to know how to fall asleep when not tired? Then make a note of these techniques and try whenever you feel like you are becoming an insomniac.

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