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What Causes Seizures In Adults? – An Analytical Study

Seizures mostly occur in a pattern or are more likely to take place in accordance with the situation. By knowing the elements that cause a seizure or even known as a seizure trigger, helps you in recognizing the time, when you would probably get a seizure. Before understanding the cause of seizure in adults, we should know what a seizure is and what the varied types of seizures are. In this article, we will also explain to you, what causes seizures in adults?

What is a seizure?

The millions of neurons in the brain create and transmit several electrical impulses, every day. These impulses help neurons to communicate with each other. When a seizure occurs, an abnormal and excessive electrical activity happens in the brain. This can cause abnormality in movement and behavior of the individual. It lasts usually for a few seconds or minutes.

What Causes Seizures In Adults

Types of Seizures

There may be different forms of seizures. The major two groups may be primary generalized seizures and partial seizures. They are differentiated from the way they begin in each individual.

Primary Generalized Seizure: It begins with the electrical discharge that gets widespread from both the sides of the brain. Mostly hereditary factors trigger this kind of seizure.

Partial seizure: This seizure affects limited area of the brain. Many elements can act as the cause of partial seizure. It may be stroke, tumor, head injury, brain infection, any abnormality in the form or any area of the brain, even before birth. It is also known as cortical dysplasia. In some partial seizures, genetic factors can also play an important role.

Major Symptoms of Seizures

Before a seizure happens, it gives some or the other kind of warning signals which include:

  • Changes in vision
  • Feeling sick in your stomach
  • Sudden feelings of fear or anxiousness
  • Dizziness

In a later stage, the following symptoms will occur indicating a seizure in progress. Those symptoms are:

  • Drooling or frothing from the mouth
  • Falling
  • Uncontrollable muscle spasms
  • Experiencing a strange taste in the mouth
  • A blackout of time
  • Clenching teeth
  • Sudden change in mood
  • Creating unusual grunting noises
  • Making rapid movements of the eye
  • No control over the bowel functions.

What Causes Seizures In Adults?

There are several causes for an adult to get a seizure attack. They vary in different individuals. It can be due to any of the following:

  • High fever
  • Abnormality in the sodium and glucose levels in the blood
  • Congenital brain defects
  • Meningitis or any other brain infection
  • Brain injury which happens at the time of childbirth
  • In rare cases, brain tumor can also cause seizure
  • Electric shock
  • Drug abuse
  • Head injury
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Toxemia of pregnancy
  • High blood pressure rate
  • Kidney failure which results in the rise of toxin level in the body
  • Withdrawal from alcohol and drugs or even certain medicines after long-time usage of it

Regardless of all those symptoms mentioned above, there is a category of seizure which appears with no cause. It is known as idiopathic seizure. It is normally seen in children and youth. But there are chances that this kind of seizure can occur any time. If the seizures occur repeatedly, even though the underlying problem for it is treated, it may lead to epilepsy in long run.

How can you prevent seizure?

It is always advisable to get plenty of sleep, if you are prone to seizure attacks. Use of abusive drugs or alcohols and even getting addicted to certain medications can trigger the changes, as in getting seizure. Diabetes patients can prevent themselves from seizure by closely monitoring blood sugar level in regular intervals. A tremendous rise in the blood sugar level increases the chances of getting a seizure attack.

Always be open to your health care provider to figure out the best suitable treatment for your disease. Depending on the various factors like age and the circumstance of seizure, the health care provider will be able to diagnose and suggest the apt treatment.One must undergo one or more tests as follows:

  • Blood tests are done to recognize the blood sugar level.
  • Lumbar puncture might be done after a seizure to find out the reasons of the infection. It is normally conducted for patients who have high fever or any other signs of infection in brain.
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) is done to check the brain’s electrical activity. This will help to find if any abnormalities are there in the electrical activity of the brain.
  • Brain imaging studies like CT and MRI scans are done in order to find out if any strokes, tumors or other structural problems are there in the brain.

What are the adequate treatments for preventing the seizure?

“Prevention is better than cure”. So better be careful and avoid the factors that lead to severe attacks from seizures. With the proper support of the people in the family one can be treated well because only the witness can observe and explain the severity and mannerisms shown by the patient, during the attack.

An appropriate treatment can be suggested only if the root cause for the seizure is identified. If the cause can be treated, then it can be prevented from future attacks. Some of the treatment goals are common to every individual. All of the members in the family must know what has to be done, when a person is having a seizure.

Improving your diet chart by adding vitamin rich fruits can decrease the chances of getting seizures. Always remember that this alone doesn’t work. One or more anti-seizure medication, which is also referred to as antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), are suggested for those who get a seizure attack due to tumor, stroke or any other kind of brain injury. It is also suggested for those who suffer from epilepsy, too.

A better treatment at the earliest is always advisable. If you get seizure for one time, it doesn’t mean that you are epileptic. It can even be due to lack of sleep. So proper care and advice from a renowned practitioner can make things easy for you. It is said that some people do have the capability to reduce the number of times they get seizure attacks. It is by recognizing the symptoms and treating it, as early as possible.


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